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It’s not just toys that enrich your Quaker Parrot’s life; our accessories give them a lot to occupy their time too.


Teach your bird to fly with a Parrot harness. The harnesses are safe and escape proof for your peace of mind whilst your Quaker Parrot is in the harness. With learning to fly comes more positive outcomes for your Quaker, which are increased self confidence, a higher level of intelligence and improved coordination and social skills.


Check on your Quaker's weight with our scales, accurate to within one gram. They also have a bowl for weighing baby birds on.


Although your Quaker needs to spend a significant portion of their day searching for food using a foraging toy, they do still need to have plenty of food available in their food bowl too. Feeding dishes clip securely onto most cages or play stands.


During the day time if your Parrot needs to rest encourage them to use a hideaway. Hideaways are snug, warm and make your Quaker feel secure and protected. They are brightly coloured and keep your bird out of draughts. Parrots need hideaways because in the wild they are prey animals and naturally they often feel scared or threatened. When they experience this emotion, birds need somewhere to retreat to, like a hideaway, to disappear from the world for a short time.


Perches are a vital part of any Parrot’s life since walking on them keeps their feet well exercised and their nails healthy and trim. There are rope, sanded, wood and manzanita perches, all strong enough to hold your Quaker’s weight and every perch is simple enough to attach onto your Parrot’s cage or play stand using the fittings. Most impressive of all though are the edible perches that are made with calcium and other important elements.


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