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Use these fast acting supplements on your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot straight away so they can experience their benefits. Although remember to visit a vet if you believe your Meyer’s or Senegal is unwell.


You can administer many of these supplements using a syringe.


One of the first signs of illness in a Parrot is increases or decreases in their weight. Our scales are accurate to within one gram so you can monitor them closely.


Booster products give your bird additional support in whatever they may be lacking. There are energy boosters and immune system boosters.


Although if you think your Meyer’s or Senegal needs both, try Guardian Angel, which contains immune and energy boosters and more.


Emergency nutrition supplements encourage your Parrot to start eating a balanced diet once again.


Prebiotics and probiotics work in your bird’s gut. Probiotics increase the amount of good bacteria in your bird’s stomach, whilst prebiotics increase the good bacteria’s effectiveness.


Multi mineral packs contain vital elements like calcium, iron and magnesium and many others. See the pack contents for details of the exact minerals inside. Hang the mineral supplements up in your Parrot’s cage so they can chew on it whenever they like.


Vitamins and minerals come in a powdered or liquid form that you can easily add to your Meyer’s or Senegal’s feeding dish or drinking water.


Calcium and Vitamin D3 also comes in a powdered or liquid form. Your bird needs these minerals to build a strong bones and beak. It can help with growth and breeding too.


There are lots of different treatments and cures you can use on your Meyer’s or Senegal.


During your Meyer’s or Senegal’s lifetime it is possible they could catch fleas or lice at least once. But if this does happen, all you need to do is apply our anti-parasite treatments. These get rid of external parasites (mites, lice, fleas and ticks) and internal parasites (roundworm) very effectively. All you need to do to eliminate the bugs is spray the contents onto your Parrot’s back and the bugs should disappear in a few weeks.


Other skin creams can remove these pests too, along with plenty of other benefits. These sprays soothe dry and itchy skin on your bird, prevent your Parrot from feather plucking, reduce unnecessary moulting in your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot, clean your Parrot, condition your Meyer’s or Senegal’s feathers and promote a bright new plumage on your bird.


Breeder products are suitable for Meyer’s and Senegal parents and any chicks they produce.


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