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  • rio ara parrot cage

    Rio Ara Dome Top Parrot Cage

    • A large cage with useful features like lock and feeders
    • Has a secure lock
    • Sits on castors so easy to move
    • Suitable for Cockatoo and Lg Macaw
  • parrot double cage antique

    Double Parrot Cage - Antique

    • House two or more Parrots in this cage
    • Has a large front door, perch and more
    • Sits on castors so easy to move
    • Suitable for Cockatoo and Lg Macaw
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Every Cockatoo needs a cage to eat, sleep and play in, so consider every style and colour carefully before choosing the cage that suits your Parrot best and fits in with the existing decor of your home. Always buy the biggest cage possible so your Cockatoo has plenty of room to spread out.


Perhaps you might choose the play top cages? Play top cages, just as their name says, have an additional play area at the top of the cage. As the play top is at the top of the cages they are useful if you have limited space in your home. Use this area to add perches, toys, in fact anything your Cockatoo likes to interact with. But if you choose to have toys for your Cockatoo to play with on the cage, supervise your Parrot as they play.


Or maybe you think open top cages are the right choice for your Cockatoo? The section that opens out at the top of the cage has fittings in place to allow you to securely attach extra perches to it. This high level is good for your inquisitive Parrot to keep watch on the world around them. The other benefit of open top Cockatoo cages is your bird can enter, exit and re-enter their cage as frequently as they like.


The final option you have for your Cockatoo’s Cage is a solid top cage. Arguably the most secure of all cages as there’s only one way in and out of them and has no extra areas at the top of the cage. The roofs of these cages can be flat or rounded (sometimes called dome top.)


There are some features in the cages that are universal to every Cockatoo Cage however. Swing out feeders give your Parrot plenty of access to lovely food and water and you can restock it without disturbing your bird. The cages’ wide doors give you immediate access to the inside of them, so your Cockatoo can fly in and out very easily.


As your Cockatoo will probably be eating a lot whilst inside their cage, the seed catchers are a perfect section of the cage as they’ll catch all the surplus food and mess your Parrot makes. Many cages have wheels so you can move the cage along when you need to clean underneath it or to push it somewhere new for maintenance. Finally perches are fitted throughout the cages and there are spaces to fix more comfortable resting places for your feathered friend. 


Travel cages for Cockatoo’s have these standard features too. So whilst your Parrot is travelling somewhere new, like to the vet, they feel secure and comfortable. For your convenience these travel cages have handles for simple transportation.


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