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See how varied your Eclectus Parrot’s diet can be when they try out our delicious Eclectus Food. There is food for Eclectus chicks right up to old age, from the top names in the avian industry.


Eclectus Parrots are more sensitive than most other Parrot species to an incorrect diet. The fat content of sunflower seeds and peanuts is too high for most Eclectus Parrots and therefore they shouldn’t be given a standard Parrot mixture.


Complete food is the food that provides your Eclectus Parrot with all the core vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your bird needs every day in a well balanced diet. The major brands of complete food have been formulated in a myriad of striking flavours, textures, colours and shapes, to put the fun back into mealtimes for your Eclectus.


Although no handfeed can ever be as good as what a Parrot parent can provide, our handfeeding formula is a suitable alternative. A syringe is a practical way of administrating handfeed or liquid supplements to your young Eclectus.


Eclectus mums and dads require plenty of nutrients as well so that they can raise strong, healthy chicks. Egg food contains a variety of probiotics to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria, prebiotics that encourage their formation, protein for growth and other useful vitamins, minerals and amino acids.For added nutritional benefit you may need to add supplements to your Eclectus Parrot’s diet. These are packed with minerals such as calcium for building strong bones and phosphorus for growing a shiny plumage.


Seed should only form a very small part of an Eclectus Parrot’s diet, perhaps less than 10%. Smaller seeds like canary seed are better and healthier for them.


Eclectus treats are an ideal way of rewarding your Parrot, perhaps to say well done if they learn a new behaviour or just to let your feathered friend know how much you appreciate them. Like all the Eclectus Food, with such a large selection to choose from you and your Eclectus will be spoilt for choice.


Treats are either packaged individually or as a multipack, for double the enjoyment for your Eclectus. Some treats require preparation on your part before your Eclectus chews them but others are ready to be devoured straight away.


The gorgeous flavours of Eclectus Parrot treats on offer include dried fruits, spicy, berry and combinations of all the different flavours. They not only taste incredible, they look fantastic too, with their varying shapes and colours.


Eclectus Parrots need lots of Vitamin A in their diet, so fruits are vital for them. Eclectus Parrots love tucking into fruits and vegetables with Vitamin A, including carrot, sweet potato, peppers and kale.


Remember that all the Eclectus Food can be enjoyed from a feeding dish or foraging toy. Your Parrot naturally goes looking for their food in the wild, so providing them with plenty of foraging toys allows them to replicate this natural behaviour and keep their clever minds occupied.


A selection of Eclectus Food has hangers to allow you to fasten the food onto the bars of your Parrot’s cage or play stand too.


On the rare occasions your Eclectus isn’t up for the challenge of searching for food, having fresh food and drink in their feeding dish ensures they still have something good to eat.


Between mealtimes you can keep the food for your Eclectus in a small, medium or large storage box.


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