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Your Cockatoo is definitely going to benefit from a healthy, well balanced diet when they tuck into our scrumptious food. And of course they can chew on it from a foraging toy or feeding dish. Parrots would naturally forage for their food in the wild as it helps to keep them mentally stimulated and their minds and body active. So fill a foraging toy with food and treats and let your Cockatoo work out how to retrieve them.


But keep some food back in a food bowl, in case your bird gets peckish! We have lots of feeding dishes and foraging toys to choose from.


There are handy storage boxes, available in a small, medium or large size, that keep your Cockatoo’s food away from moisture, pests and sunlight.


When breeding Cockatoos, you need to care for the Parrot parents and their chicks. Egg foods supports the adults by boosting their immune system, increasing their probiotic levels which helps their digestion and ensures they stay in top condition so your Cockatoo can raise healthy chicks. Breeding mixes contains important nutrients for baby birds which they use for growth.


If you are handfeeding a baby Cockatoo, you can administer liquid supplements using a syringe.


Complete food for Cockatoos has very little waste created, unlike seed mixes. This makes sure your Cockatoo is getting all the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals and supplements they require in their daily diet. When following a complete diet, your Cockatoo doesn’t have to eat anything else. Complete food is made up of lots of different flavours, shapes and colours to make mealtimes as fun as possible for your Parrot. Seed is still an essential part of many Cockatoo diets.


There are so many Cockatoo seed mixes to choose from, including vitamin enriched, veterinary recommended, pellet supported and seed with either a high or low content of sunflowers. Much of the seed is of human grade quality with beak-wateringly good ingredients added to them, such as dried fruit and vegetables.


Treats are just as appealing because they are also in so many exciting tastes and shapes. Give them to your Cockatoo as a positive reinforcement during behaviour training, or just to show your Parrot how much you love them. The gorgeous varieties we have available include chilli, berries and other fruits.


You’ll find dozens of lovely Cockatoo Food, from all the major brands and manufacturers, right here.