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These Foot Toys and Chewable Materials are just the right size for Parrots to hold in their feet or pick up with their beak, plus they provide a super fun alternative way for your bird or Parrot to play. With a huge choice of designs in a range of materials, it is easy to keep your bird entertained. Providing foot toys for your pet bird to play with encourages active play, and gives your Parrot's feet a good work out.


Many toys such as dumbbells, rattles and balls with bells inside make noise as your bird plays, whilst others such as vine balls and wood chambers are great for both chewing on and for offering essential foraging opportunities. Woven natural chewable materials make great alternatives to their larger versions, meaning your Parrot can enjoy the beak pleasing pleasure of shredding, picking and preening in the palm of their...well foot.


The joy of foot toys is that they can be played with anywhere. Fill an empty feeder with a variety of toys and let your Parrot pick and choose which one takes their fancy during the day. They are especially useful if you’re travelling with your bird and don’t have the room to attach larger toys, or just if you need a few minutes peace whilst making a phone call. They will even help your Parrot get fit as they walk about and climb with the foot toy grasped in one claw.


Foot Toys and Chewable Materials are great fun and very versatile, just make sure you have your supplies handy when your Parrot needs them.


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