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  • sun conure with beaker sneaker

    Beaker Sneaker Parrot Toy

    • You can hide treats inside or let your Parrot work at unravelling the laces.
    • Pear link allow you to fasten it to your cage
    • tuck some treats inside to make a great foraging toy
    • Suitable for African Grey, Budgie, Conure and more
  • Conure with woven paper sticks

    Woven Paper Sticks - Foot Toys for Parrots - Pack of 12

    • Colourful paper sticks, which your Parrot can enjoy chewing and shredding
    • Picking, unravelling and unweaving the material keeps feet busy and healthy
    • Use them as a toy making part, to make toys interesting again
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • african grey with ufo foot toy

    UFO Foot Toy for Parrots

    • Occupies Parrots for hours
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Gives exercise through play
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Cockatiel, Conure and more
  • african grey with pencil toy

    Parrot Pencil Foot Toy - Large

    • Excellent foot toy, as it's lightweight and easy to carry
    • Your Parrot can play and chew while exercising toes and feet
    • A safer alternative to any ordinary pencil
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo and more
  • cockatoo with the giant seagrass balls

    Giant Sea Grass Ball Parrot Chew Toy - Pack of 3

    • Three woven balls for three times the fun
    • Range of materials to intrigue your Parrot
    • Offers hours of chewing and foraging fun
    • Suitable for African Grey, Cockatoo, Conure and Macaw
  • chain link rattles

    Medium Chain Link Rattle Parrot Foot Toys - Pack of 4

    • Hours of noisemaking fun
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Designed to keep feet well exercised and clever minds engaged
    • Suitable for African Grey, Cockatiel, Lg Conure and more