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Parrot Vitamins and Minerals are an important part of keeping your Parrot or bird healthy. Being a prey animal, birds are naturally good at hiding the symptoms if they’re not feeling 100%. This is all part of their genetic make-up, where survival of the fittest means birds must avoid showing any weaknesses.


This makes it important to ensure your bird receives regular support to their main diet, especially if they eat seeds and little else. For many birds and Parrots, calcium is an important mineral and a diet lacking in calcium can have devastating effects.


Thanks to the developments in avian medicine many of the essential vitamins and minerals required by Parrots can be given in powder form (for adding to fruits and moist foods) or in water soluble form to be added to drinking water.


You will find a comprehensive range of Parrot Vitamins and Minerals here, all designed to ensure your bird receives all the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy.


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