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Your Large Macaw will definitely be kept busy and active with our superb selection of toys.


Please make sure your Large Macaw is supervised when they are playing with toys.


The toy packs for Large Macaws like Scarlet Macaws and Blue and Gold Macaws give you several of your bird’s favourite toys in the one pack. We’re always adding different toys to the packs to constantly enrich your Large Macaw’s life.


Swings and activity toys mean your Large Macaw stays physically and mentally stimulated. Teach your Parrot how to roller skate, help your bird learn colours and numbers or teach your feathered friend to talk. Whatever you choose, you and your Large Macaw will have lots of fun mastering something new, which should increase the bond between you both.


Swings and climbing toys are another way to keep your Parrot exercised. Your Large Macaw is sure to have lots of fun climbing the nets and ladders and moving around on the perches and swings, creating new adventures for themselves.


We all know how much Parrots love making noise, and now your Large Macaw can make even more noise with one of our musical toys. The sound of bells ringing really is music to your Large Macaw’s ears.. Show your bird how to ring their own bell or provide your Large Macaw with a toy that constantly has a bell ringing in the Background.


Shreddable toys make a delightful crunching noise when they’re broken apart, so they could double as a noisemaking toy for your Large Macaw.


Your Parrot’s beak needs to stay at a reasonable length. Thankfully our chewable toys for Large Macaws such as Military and Green-wing Macaws help your bird do just that. Beak-teasingly good materials they can chew on include paper, sisal, rope and cardboard.


In the wild, your Parrot would spend many hours of their day looking for food. It’s another way they stay mentally fit and healthy, so you need to provide them with as many foraging toys and opportunities as possible. There are simple foraging puzzles right up to difficult puzzles that your Large Macaw needs to solve.


There are two types of foraging toy available, reusable and chewable. Reusable means you can buy refill packs of treats or small materials to fill the foraging toy with, and these are made from strong, durable materials that your Large Macaw can’t chew, like stainless steel and polycarbonate. Your bird will have to work out a different way of getting their treats out of these foraging toys, without chewing.


As their name suggests, chewable foraging toys are all made from textures your Large Macaw will love to chew to get to their reward inside the toy. Again, these are a mixture of paper, vine, cotton, wood, cardboard rope and other textures your Parrot can enjoy munching on almost as much as they love the prize inside the foraging toy.


Acrylic and metal Large Macaw Toys are amongst the toughest of toys available to buy for your bird. These sturdy metal toys are built to withstand even the most destructive of playtimes.


Toys made from more natural materials are our coconut and cactus and willow and palm Parrot toys. All give your Large Macaw something to preen, chew or forage with, which all stop your bird becoming bored and showing signs of destructive behaviour.


The beauty of foot toys are they are light enough for your Large Macaw to move them around with their feet and give your bird a toy to chew on whenever they like. Keeping your Parrot’s feet exercised is very important to their wellbeing.


Choose from some of the biggest selection of toys for your Large Macaw right here.