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What you feed your Amazon Parrot, be it an Orange Wing, Blue Front or Yellow Crowned, is very important and you’ll find all the foods avian vets recommend, plus lots of treats to show your bird just how much you care.


There is a large selection of quality seed diets, complete foods and pelleted diets Amazon Parrots love. To supplement your Amazon Parrot’s diet take a look at the excellent choice of vitamins and minerals to help ensure your bird stays healthy.


For breeding pairs of Amazon Parrots and their young you’ll find a selection of the best breeding and hand rearing diets available ensuring your young ones get the best start in life.


Amazon Parrots love to forage so making sure your Parrot has a selection of mentally stimulating foraging toys, both reusable and chewable is very important.


Not only that, there’s lots of fun to chew toys, musical toys, swings and activity toys for Amazon Parrots to learn tricks!


Providing as much ‘out of cage time’ as possible for your Amazon is important. Of course your Amazon has to spend time in their cage so try to provide the largest cage possible, taking into account all the fun toys and essential accessories that need to fit in too! There are many different designs and sizes available, try providing the largest one possible so your feathered friend has enough space.


Different types of cages for Amazon Parrots include; travel cages, play top cages / play gym cages, open top cages and solid top cages. Providing your Amazon with enough space inside their cage means taking into account everything they need such as fun and stimulating toys, swings, ladders, hideaways, perches and feeding dishes.


Other accessories that can benefit your Amazon include stands, special UV bird lights and Parrot harnesses; let’s also not forget the all important cleaning products to keep your Amazon Parrot's cage clean with.


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