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Keeping a Small Macaw such as the popular Hahn’s Macaw or Noble Macaw has never been easier; with so many wonderful and essential products all here in one place providing everything you need to keep your bird fit and healthy.


Providing a varied diet with as many different types of food as you can ensures your Small Macaw gets all the nutrition they need. Offering pelleted foods and completes as a base diet, topped up with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and treats, is the preferred method.


Meal times can now be fun and stimulating with the use of chewable foraging toys and reusable foraging toys. Placing portions of your bird’s food into toys such as these encourages your bird’s natural foraging behaviour.


There’s an amazing range of toy types, including foot toys, chewable toys and swings and climbing toys, which all promote your bird to be active, ensuring beak, wings and feet are well exercised.


With the many other accessories available for your Small Macaw such as perches, feeding dishes and hideaways, providing a cage with lots of room is essential.


There are different types of cages available, solid top cages with dome top or flat top designs, open top cages, and play top or gym top cages.


For more fun outside of your Parrot's cage then look no further than a Parrot stand. They provide somewhere for your Small Macaw to safely rest and play.


Whatever you need for your Small Macaw or Mini Macaw be it food, treats, toys, cages, perches or supplements, it’s all covered here.