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All the Parrot supplements have been formulated to improve and maintain the health of your companion Parrot.


There are anti-parasite treatments, effective for use against bugs such as mites, fleas, roundworm and lice that are easy, and most importantly safe to use, on most species of Parrot. Vets have approved the use of this product on birds, ensuring it won’t harm your bird or Parrot.


Use the insecticide treatments on your Parrot’s cage or aviary, although the application method will be slightly different for cages than on your bird.


Other supplements for Parrots aid a healthy lifestyle. There are vitamin supplements that help your Parrot digest food, give your Parrot strong bones and boost your Parrot’s immune systems plus many more valuable benefits. As they are diluted in water, your Parrot won’t even know they’re taking vitamins!


Choose from a wide array of Beaphar Bogena Supplements for your Parrot right here.