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Buy the biggest cage you can afford for your Amazon Parrot, because although your Amazon needs to spend much more time outside their cage than in it, chances are your bird will be spending a small yet significant portion of their day inside their cage.


Lots of thought goes into the design of cages suitable for Amazon Parrots, with useful features such as large doors to make it simple for your bird to enter and exit their cage. It also means easier access for you during your regular cleaning and maintenance routine. Swing out feeders allow you to add, change and refresh your Amazon's food and water without entering their cage, reducing stress and opportunity for escape.


In many models the bowls are made from stainless steel and lock into place when the feeder door is closed. Most cages come with removable seed catchers that collect spillages and mess your bird makes, returning it to the pull out tray underneath, which in turn is guarded by a removable grille. Your Amazon’s cage is easy to move as most cages have wheels or castors fitted to them. So no heavy lifting when you need to access your bird’s cage for cleaning and maintenance.


Solid top cages have perches inside but not outside and only have one entry and exit point. Their roof is either rounded (also known as dome top) or flat and a common sight is to see your Amazon Parrot hanging out in the dome. Cages come in a variety of colours, sizes and designs, so you will find the perfect cage for you and your Amazon Parrot’s needs.


Open top cages have multiple entrances and exit doors that allow your bird to come and go as they please. The open top area folds out which you can fasten perches too to hold them in place. Your Amazon Parrot is bound to love surveying their territory from this high vantage point.


Play gym top cages give your Amazon Parrot plenty of extra space to play. Please supervise your Amazon if they are playing with toys on the gym top.


Travel cages are a great way for your Amazon Parrot to travel. These safe and secure cages are perfect for short trips.


A backpack carrier is another practical way of transporting your Amazon. It comes with a wood perch and feeding cups and stainless steel mesh windows which you can cover up if your Parrot prefers.


Our amazing selection of safe Amazon Parrot Cages are available for you to buy now.