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We have a vast array of fun and practical products, so it’s never been easier to enrich the life of your Budgerigar, keeping them happy, entertained and healthy throughout their life.


Perches are available in a variety of styles, materials and lengths, from natural wood perches, to sanded nail trimming perches, to edible perches packed full of minerals. Providing a variety of perches with different diameters ensures your bird’s feet are kept well exercised.


Whether you’re in need of something new or a way to help reduce the mess, our extensive range of feeding dishes is sure to provide the solution. Once mealtime is over why not store your Budgie’s food and treats safely in a secure storage box, they’re available in a range of sizes. 


During the daytime your Budgie may want to rest their eyes or retreat from their busy surroundings for a while. Hideaways are perfect for providing your Budgie with a place they can retreat to and feel secure.


Unless your Budgerigar is exposed to natural sunlight on a regular basis they are unlikely to be receiving sufficient levels of UVA and UVB. Your Budgie can see many more colours than us humans, utilising the UV spectrum. When they can see in full colour their world is much more vibrant and easier to see. UV light is also vital to synthesise Vitamin D3, which they use to produce calcium, essential for egg production, maintaining strong bones and normal growth. Our great selection of bird lights can illuminate your Budgie’s life.


Our range of safe and easy to use cleaning products and disinfectants make light work of keeping your Budgie’s cage clean. Sand sheets, cage liners and bird sand can all be easily changed too.


Having regular access to a bird bath or being sprayed with a mister promotes your Budgie to clean and preen, helping them to stay looking beautiful. There’s also bird bathing sprays that help to remove dirt and grime and moisturise feathers and skin.


Budgerigars, like all birds, are prey animals and are very good at not showing any outward signs of illness. Weighing your bird regularly using some bird scales, accurate to within one gram, can help you spot any changes in your bird’s weight; usually one of the first early indications there may be a problem.


If you ever think that your Budgie is unwell, please seek the advice of an avian vet.


We also have syringes for administrating liquid supplements or handfeeding formula which again are highly accurate. 


For high quality Budgie Accessories, you’ve come to the right place.