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Nature’s Instinct toys have been keeping Parrots entertained for years, and continue to prove popular amongst birds and owners alike.


Made from durable materials, which are easy to clean, they offer a range of puzzles for your bird to solve; their reward for doing so is the treat(s) you put inside. Parrots have a natural and strong instinct to forage, an activity of searching for and gaining access to food.


Providing food in a bowl makes your Parrot's life easy, yet you’ll be surprised at how happy your bird is working for their food or treats, rather than going to their feeding dish.


Nature's Instinct toys provide essential mental stimulation and once your Parrot is used to using them they make great tools as a way to feed your bird.


Having to access their food through toys such as these keeps your bird active for longer during the day, reducing the amount of free time they have in which to get bored. Boredom can lead to many of the unwanted behaviours associated with pet Parrots, such as screaming and feather plucking.


Keeping your bird active with foraging devices helps to ensure your bird stays fit and healthy.