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Your Eclectus will spend some time in their cage, although it’s recommended they spend as much time out of it as possible. Therefore you need to ensure the style of cage you choose is the most appropriate for your Parrot.


Play top cages are perfect if your Eclectus has a favourite toy they love playing with. Supervise your Parrot if they are playing with toys but this extra area, that opens outwards, is sure to amuse your bird. Some cages let you detach the play area section from the main cage.


Open top cages open out the same way. Here there are holders to attach perches so your curious Eclectus can observe the world around them from the highest point of their cage. They’ll like this view so much they may not want to leave it!! Your Parrot can go back inside the cage for delicious food and clean water whenever they want to because of the way this style of cage is designed.


Solid top cages are the best option if your Eclectus plays somewhere else and just needs a cage to sleep in. They have no additional play areas anywhere on the cage.


One thing all cages have in common are the superb features that come as standard with all the cages.


There are wheels at the bottom of the cages to allow you to push and pull the cage where it needs to go to, maybe during cleaning or maintenance, big swing out feeders, so your Parrot has plenty of access to fresh food and water (these also mean you can top up your bird’s food without interrupting them), perches at varying heights so your Eclectus can observe the world around them, and wide doors to make it simpler for you to access the cage for cleaning and give your bird plenty of room to get in and out their cage safely.


You can choose to transport your Eclectus on long journeys using one of our travel cages or a Parrot backpack. Both are easy to carry, as the backpack has detachable straps and the travel cages have handles.


Travel cages and backpacks both have feeders, so your Eclectus has plenty to eat and drink on their trip, perches, so your Parrot can rest comfortably whilst in transit and big entry points so they can get in and out of their travel cage quickly.


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