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There are supplements that cater for every area of your Cockatoo’s body. All are fast acting and easy to use although you should always seek the advice of a vet if you suspect your bird is ill.


Often the first signs of Cockatoo illness are unexpected increases or decreases in their weight. Therefore check on your Parrot’s weight regularly using our scales, accurate to within one gram.


With our handy treatments and cures, you can have your Cockatoo feeling well again in no time.


Skin problems are perhaps one of the more common complaints that Cockatoo’s have. For example, if they are prone to feather plucking they will lose feathers and their plumage won’t be as shiny. Feather conditioning treatments and Feather Shine Shampoo work at restoring the brightness in your bird’s feathers and reduce the irritation and soreness associated with feather plucking.


Other Cockatoo’s could be more prone to worms and lice. But you can quickly remove these insecticides using our anti-parasite and worming liquids. Soothe your Cockatoo’s skin and relieve redness and itching by applying the liquids and creams to the affected areas.


On the rare occasions that your Cockatoo suffers from breathing difficulties respiratory aids help loosen any catarrh that has built up in your Parrot’s throat.


Illness and emergency products aid your bird in getting back to full fitness. When your Parrot loses their appetite, perhaps due to illness, emergency nutrition supplements can give them the nutrients they would normally be getting from their daily diet until they’re ready to eat again. Probiotics and prebiotics work in your Parrot’s gut. Probiotics encourage the growth of good bacteria whilst prebiotics make the good bacteria start to grow in the first place. These help your Cockatoo take in food better.


During their adult life it is possible that your Cockatoo may need a boost either to their immune system or to their energy levels. So encouraging your Parrot to take our energy boosting supplements if they’re feeling listless and digesting immune system boosters stimulates their natural defences in their immune system.


Vitamins and minerals come in multipacks or individually and in a powdered or liquid format.


Calcium supplements may be useful if you feel your Parrot isn’t getting enough of this vitamin in their diet or through sunlight. Calcium is used to build strong bones. Omega 3 targets your Cockatoo’s brain, heart and muscles, making it one of the more useful supplements that a Parrot can take.


Breeding products are useful for both Parrot parents and their chicks during this sensitive period in their lives. Breeding food contains nutrients all ages of bird requires to grow big and strong and stay healthy. Handrearing food makes weaning a lot easier.


Administer any of these supplements by adding them to your Cockatoo’s food or water or deliver them using one of the practical syringes.


Fill your Parrot’s medicine cabinet with all these Cockatoo Supplements today.