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Your search is over for the very best Meyer’s and Senegal Parrot Accessories, as we have so many high quality products to pick from.


Serve up all your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot’s favourite food in a stainless steel or plastic feeding dish. These clip onto your bird’s cage or play stand, then unlock quickly for cleaning purposes. 


Keep all your bird’s food together in our tightly sealed storage boxes that are one of three sizes, small, medium and large. Pests, sunlight and moisture can’t get into them, but you can quickly retrieve the food inside.


Check that your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot isn't eating too much food and piling on weight by weighing them on the scales, which are accurate to within one gram. They have a bowl to weigh baby birds in too.


Something else to fit onto your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot’s cage are plenty of perches. The more perches your bird has to exercise their feet the healthier their feet become. Perches are built into a variety of lengths and from strong materials in order that they remain a permanent fixture in your Parrot’s cage. Edible perches however, might be too chewable to miss. Another style of perch, sanded perches, trim your Parrot’s nails to a shorter, healthier length.


An accessory your Meyer’s or Senegal can use to disappear from view for a little while is a hideaway. Hideaways are very soft and warm inside, the perfect place for your Parrot to rest their eyes or escape too when they feel scared or unsafe. Hideaways are in the form of a tent, hut, sack or blanket. It would be hard for your Parrot if they wanted to get away from it all for a short time but can’t. Parrots naturally hide when they feel frightened in the wild too.


Flying is another natural behaviour for your Parrot. It increases their intelligence, improves their levels of coordination and ultimately makes them fitter and healthier. Teach your Meyers’s or Senegal this important skill using a flight line or harness. Your feathered friend can spread their wings and you don’t have to be concerned they’ll escape.


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