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  • zupreem garden mix

    ZuPreem Real Rewards 6oz Garden Mix Small Parrot Treat

    • A treat made with tasty vegetable and more
    • The resealable bag ensures food stays fresh
    • Hide in foraging toys for your Parrot to find
    • Suitable for Caique, Cockatiel, Conure and more

Your Caique will definitely be enjoying a healthy, well balanced diet when they tuck into our tasty Parrot food. Some brands of Caique Food are Organic so are an even better choice for your Caique since they don’t contain any artificial colours or preservatives.


We have food for every stage of your Parrot’s life, from being a chick to old age.


Any Caique that is breeding or rearing chicks should be following a special diet. It gives them all the nutrition they need to stay healthy during this sensitive period of their lives. Breeding food for Caiques has protein for building muscles, copper to promote healing and keep blood vessels flexible and fibre to aid digestion.


Complete foods mean your Caique receives all the nutrition they need from this one type of food. It is a balanced meal, yet still looks and tastes delicious. Complete food comes in fun to eat flavour such as hot and spicy and tropical fruit, and equally fun shapes such as pellets and nuggets. Very little waste is created with seed diets; every grain is enjoyed by your Caique.Seed used to be a core part of a Caique diet but nowadays it is more commonly used as an addition to a complete diet.


Seed mixes are very varied and many are of human grade quality as they’ve been enriched with other ingredients such as nuts, fruit and vegetables to make them even more appetising for your feathered friend. Once again there are a myriad of scrumptious flavours to choose from.


Treats, just as their name suggests, should only be an occasional food stuff for your Parrot. They do however contain vitamins and minerals that your Caique requires in their daily diet. Supplement your Caique’s diet with the treats or just show your bird how much you love them.


Placing food in a foraging toy is a fantastic way of stimulating your Caique. In the wild your Parrot would spend long periods of their day searching for food so they need to engage in this behaviour as much as possible to keep their clever mind occupied.


We do have lots of feeding dishes available for when your Caique isn’t in the mood for foraging. They quickly attach onto your Parrot’s cage or playstand.


After feeding time, store all the food in a storage box that keeps food fresher for longer.


Stock up on all your yummy Caique Food right here.