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King’s Cages have introduced a useful selection of products to help reduce the signs and symptoms of illness in your Parrot.


King's Cages most revolutionary product is their Pluck No More. Designed to stop your bird plucking or picking their feathers, owners have seen some excellent results. It is water based and contains no alcohol, only homeopathic, natural ingredients. Either add it to your Parrot’s drinking water or spray on the infected area and your bird’s plucking and behaviour should improve within a few weeks.


King’s have a multitude of sprays if your Parrot has any other skin complaints too. King’s have sprays to relieve itchy skin, prevent unnecessary moulting, remove any mites and stop your Parrot from developing dry skin. After using these sprays for any of these conditions your Parrot will be left feeling clean and dry.


You should seek the advice of a vet if your Parrot is suffering from a medical complaint.


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