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Keep your Large Conure occupied for a long time with our exciting toys. Large Conures, for example Blue-crowned and Patagonian Conures, need plenty of toys to occupy their time all year round and prevent birdie boredom.


Are your Large Conure’s Toys looking dated and in need of a spruce up? Then buy one of our toy-making kits to refurbish the toy or build an entirely new one. Toy parts include cowbells, rope, wheels, quicklinks and wooden dowels.


For more than one fantastic toy in just the one parcel, choose one of our toy packs. There are kits with a variety of themes to keep your Large Conure entertained longer than just the one toy would.


Foot toys are relatively small and lightweight, so they are really easy for your Large Conure to hold and carry. Once they stop moving, your bird can chew on the foot toys to keep their beaks in good condition. But the more your Parrot moves the toy around, the more exercise they’ll get, so encourage them to use foot toys frequently.


Swings and activity toys keep your Large Conure active in a different way, by exercising your Parrot’s clever mind to learn a new skill. There are toys to teach your Parrot colours, toys to teach your bird shapes, toys to teach your Large Conure numbers and more.


One of the most enriching skills your Large Conure can learn to do is talk. Use one of our speech training devices and your bird will be saying simple words and phrases in no time.


Foraging is another mentally stimulating activity for your Large Conure. In the wild they’d naturally track down their food and companion Parrots need to do the same.


There are two styles of foraging toy available, chewable and reusable. Reusable toys allow you to refill the toy with your Large Conure’s favourite food and treats once your Parrot has played with them a while, as they are almost indestructible and withstand even the toughest of playtimes. These types of Large Conure Toys are made from acrylic or metal.


Chewable foraging toys are made from a much broader selection of materials, such as coconut and cactus, willow and palm and wood and rope. Not only are these textures beak-wateringly good for your Parrot, the scrumptious treats inside the foraging toys are worth the effort of tracking them down! Some chewable toys have added nutrients in them to make them even better for your Parrot. A toy that is chewable and has nutritional benefits? Perfect!


Swing and climbing toys are perfect for adventurous Large Conures who don’t mind their toy moving around as they play. The swings, perches and climbing walls are all amusing toys for your Parrot to explore. Many of the ladders keep your bird’s feet well exercised and as there are treats hidden in the toys, who knows what goodies your Large Conure could find?


Cardboard and paper toys are the simplest toys for your Large Conure to shred. The delightful crunching and ripping noise the shreddable toys make as they are shredded is adored by Parrots everywhere.


For an even more pleasing tune, choose one of our acrylic and metal toys. Show your Large Conure how to ring the bells so they can chime away whilst your bird plays with other toys. Parrots enjoy making lots of noise after all.


As with any species of Parrot, please supervise your Large Conure when they are playing with toys, as no toy is completely Parrot proof.


Fill up your Large Conure’s toy box with a selection of toys to enrich their lives for hours on end.