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Illness can be difficult to spot in pet birds until it becomes an emergency, as Parrots have evolved to show little or no signs that there is something wrong, and it can take a carefully trained eye to notice the signs before anything is visually obvious.


Providing your bird with a healthy and varied diet, supported with nutritional supplements, and providing them the opportunity to exercise, are great ways to help your bird stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately sometimes illnesses can just happen, and having access to emergency nutrition products could quite literally save your bird's life! Probiotics and energy boosting products are great ways to give your bird a little something extra, especially following moults or stress.


There are also scales to weigh your Parrot on a regular basis, as weight loss or weight gain is often an early sign of health problems. Remember it is better to be prepared and safe rather than sorry, however you should always consult the advice of a vet immediately when your Parrot is ill.


So here are some products for use in an emergency or during a Parrot illness.