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Here is a superb array of Parrot and bird toys for your feathered friend to play and interact with. Every toy from Paradise has been designed to give your Parrot mental stimulation and entertain them at the same time.


In the wild Parrots would naturally go foraging for food, and your Parrot can replicate this behaviour with one of the foraging toys. There is a choice of chewable and reusable toys from Paradise Toys to fill with your Parrot’s favourite treats. However, your Parrot needs to work out exactly how to get to the goodies inside by solving the puzzle.


Foot toys are another toy with a dual purpose, firstly they exercise your Parrot’s feet as they move the toy around and secondly they provide your Parrot with something fun to chew on whilst they walk.


The more textures toys are made from, the more your Parrot has to explore. Paradise Toys have toys made from a variety of materials, like acrylic and metal and wood and rope, something your Parrot would love to get their beak into.


Alternatively, spend time bonding with your Parrot, building your own toy. Only you know what excites your bird the most, so creating their own toy from scratch using our toy making parts is the perfect way to ensure your Parrot gets maximum pleasure from their toy. All the components are non-toxic and safe for you and your bird to handle, although as no toy is 100% safe, always supervise your Parrot when they are playing with their toys.


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