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In the wild Parrots don’t have their food presented to them in a bowl, they go searching for their next meal.


This instinct has never left your Parrot, so even when kept as companion animals they still need toys to forage with. If your Parrot doesn’t have enough toys to occupy their time, there’s the potential for birdie boredom and destructive behaviour.


It’s always helpful for you to demonstrate how the Parrot toy works to your bird first, so they can plan how to retrieve their reward. Your Parrot will need to push, pull, turn, twist and shake the foraging toy before they get to the treats inside.


The range of Creative Foraging Toys provides puzzles for beginners through to mastermind, so you can keep challenging your Parrot with more complex puzzles, keeping your Parrot mentally stimulated, but you will need to supervise your Parrot when they are playing.


Many Creative Foraging Toys already have pear link hangers, so you can tightly attach them to your Parrot’s cage.


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