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Introduced in 1989 by Dr. Greg Harrison, Harrison's bird foods are crafted with organic ingredients certified by the USDA. This comprehensive range of complete foods ensures optimal nutrition for your pet bird, minimising the need for additional supplementation. 

Dr. Harrison, a veterinarian with roots in a small farming community in Iowa, transitioned into aviculture after years of practice in South Florida and consulting for zoos and wild animal parks. Motivated by his extensive experience and ownership of numerous Parrot species, he collaborated with other avian veterinarians to develop Harrison's, the world's first organic-formulated diet for Parrots. Dr Harrison's ongoing dedication to utilising organic ingredients and leveraging 34 years of avian care knowledge underscores his belief in the pivotal role of proper nutrition in bird health. 

By feeding Harrison's Bird Foods, endorsed by avian veterinarians worldwide, you prioritise preventive care and safeguard your bird against malnutrition and associated health issues.