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Harrison’s Organic Parrot food contains no artificial preservatives or flavourings, making it 100% Organic.


If your Parrot is following this diet then they won’t need to eat anything else as they’ll get all the nutrients they require from this Harrison’s complete food.


There are different potency’s on offer, so you can choose the right one for your bird. Some may be more suited for when your Parrot is breeding or unwell. It’s packaged in different weights so that you never run out of your Parrot’s food.


Harrison’s have made Parrot treats as well. Add them to foraging toys to make your Parrot work for their rewards, or use them as a positive reinforcement during behaviour training. Parrots would forage for their food in the wild, but a delicious treat after spending hours looking for their next meal makes the search worthwhile.


The grains are so good they are suitable for human consumption.


Brighten up your Parrot’s mealtimes by introducing them to Harrison’s Food today.