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We have fun and stimulating toys for your Lovebird to play with inside and outside of their cage. Toys are the perfect way to help keep your feathered friend entertained, as well as promoting exercise through active play.


Your Lovebird has many natural instincts, one of these is foraging for their food. If your bird always has large quantities of food in their feeding dish to eat without having a challenge to retrieve it, your Lovebird could easily develop birdie boredom and start showing unwanted behaviours. Therefore, fill a foraging toy up with your Lovebird’s most beloved treats.


There are reusable foraging toys and chewable foraging toys, so choose the one most suited to your Lovebird’s personality.


Another of your Lovebird’s natural instincts is to chew. Wood and rope toys, as well as those made from more natural materials such as coconut and cactus, plus willow and palm, really allow your bird to get their beak working.


Foot toys serve a dual purpose, their smaller size and light weight mean your Lovebird can easily pick them up with their feet, hold them and chew them. All the while their feet are being exercised as they grip.


Many Parrots enjoy toys that have moving parts and make sounds, so be sure to provide your Lovebird with some toys made from acrylic and metal, which includes bells and musical toys.


Whether you’re looking for toys for your very first Lovebird or need to refresh your flock’s toy chest, you’ll find some amazing toys at great value in our toy packs, each with a number of safe and fun toys at a discounted price.


Swings and activity toys offer a fun yet challenging place for your Lovebird to play. They can rock back and forth on a swing, climb around and hang about showing off their fine acrobatic skills. Another fun way to spend some quality time with your bird is with activity and trick toys. Your Lovebird can master some new skills so they can show off to the rest of their family, feathered and non-feathered.


You and your Lovebird can build spend some time bonding with toy making parts. There are ropes, cubes, wheels, beads and slates inside the toy making kits. Use them to construct a brand new toy or make an existing one fresh and exciting once again for your small Parrot.


No doubt your Lovebird loves shredding things to pieces? It’s one of their natural instincts. Keep your bird busy with some shreddable toys made from cardboard and paper, the pleasure they get is immense, as they rip the toy apart and enjoy the noise it makes.


All Lovebirds need to be supervised when they are playing with their toys.


Buy from our excellent selection of fun, stimulating toys for your Lovebird right here.