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Fill your Eclectus Parrot’s life with so many different accessories for them to use, play and interact with.


Parrots are prey animals and consequently show very few outward signs of something being wrong. Sudden increases or decreases in your bird’s weight can be the sign of illness. Scales are accurate to within one gram, enabling you to keep a very close watch on your Parrot’s weight.


After foraging toys, feeding dishes are the most popular way of your Eclectus getting to their food. There are stainless steel and plastic food bowls in a variety of sizes which fasten securely onto the bars of your Parrot’s cage or play stand. 


A Parrot perch can help to trim your Eclectus Parrot’s nails and keep their feet well exercised when they walk on their rough yet comfortable textures. Perches are varying lengths and made from a multitude of materials, from tough java wood to edible calcium!


Most Parrots love keeping clean, so aim to wash them at least once a day. Misters give your Parrot a light soaking of water in between bath times. This is particularly important for Eclectus Parrots.


Having a regular cleaning routine is important for your Eclectus Parrot’s wellbeing. There are easy to use disinfectants, clean up liquids, wipes and brushes that absorb and remove any mess your bird has made in their cage, on upholstery, in fact practically anywhere.


Line the bottom of your Parrot’s cage with paper or oyster shell. This way, once the floor becomes too messy, it’s straight forward enough to remove the lining and add fresh paper.


Every Eclectus Parrot is sure to enjoy learning to fly. It gives them increased self confidence, better agility and helps them get fit. Teach your bird to fly using a harness or flightline. Your Eclectus can spread their wings safely without escaping.


It must be difficult for your Eclectus Parrot if they want somewhere to retreat to when they feel scared or threatened but don’t have anywhere to go. Purchase one of our hideaways and then your bird does have a secure, warm place to fly to should they want to disappear from view for a while.


Despite the need for darkness your Eclectus Parrot must get sufficient amounts of UV light throughout the day to synthesise Vitamin D3 in their skin or through a special process in the preening gland. This Vitamin D3 is then used to absorb calcium, used by your Eclectus to produce eggs and build strong bones. Use our bird lights to give your Parrot this UV.


Watching a DVD about Parrots provides you with lots of information about your feathered friend that you might not learn elsewhere.


Once you’ve read up on training methods buy a training clicker which could be a fun way of training your bird.


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