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Create a nurturing habitat for your bird with our selection of carefully chosen Eclectus accessories designed to enrich their daily life. 


Keep an eye on their well-being with precise scales and ensure they have access to meals in clean stainless steel or plastic dishes. The natural feel of java wood perches promotes healthy foot exercise and nail maintenance, while warm baths and misters offer delightful grooming experiences.


Maintain a clean environment effortlessly with our range of effective disinfectants and wipes. Safe exploration is encouraged with harnesses and flight lines, enhancing your Parrot's agility and sense of freedom. 

Cosy hideaways offer a peaceful retreat for your bird, ensuring comfort during rest or moments of stress and UV lights are essential for their overall health, supporting Vitamin D3 synthesis.


Our collection of Eclectus accessories simplifies the creation of a stimulating and comfortable living space for your feathered friend.