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  • white gama cage

    Gama Top Opening Small Parrot Cage with Stand

    • An cage with features such as perches, feeders and tray
    • Attach toys for a fun playtime. Use cage cover size 8.
    • Has a shelf for storage
    • Suitable for Senegal, Quaker, Caique and more
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Dive into our collection of Caique Cages, offering a range of styles and colours from premium brands designed to provide a safe and vibrant home for your bird.


Opt for cages with ample space and built-in perches and feeders, making every corner of your bird's home comfortable and inviting. For ease of mobility, we provide models with castors that glide smoothly across floors, allowing you to change your Caique's scenery with little effort. Cleaning is made effortless with seed catchers that keep messes contained.


Enhance your Caique's playtime with play-top cages that offer an extended area for exploration and fun. Choose open-top cages that allow for flexible perch and toy configurations, encouraging engagement and activity.


For those prioritizing security, our solid-top cages provide a fortress of safety with no extra openings.


For a stress-free travel experience, our backpack carriers and travel cages feature large doors for easy access.