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All our Small Conure Supplements are safe, fast acting and most of all very effective at keeping your Parrot healthy. We have supplements from all the trusted brands in the avian industry, but please remember to seek the advice of a vet if you suspect your Small Conure is unwell.


Any of the liquid supplements can be administered using our syringes.


Top up how much vitamins and minerals your Small Conure gets using our vitamin and mineral supplements. Some blocks of minerals you attach to your Small Conure’s cage, whilst others you add to their food or water. Some vitamins are part of a multi pack whilst others are individual supplements. Single supplements include Omega 3, which your Parrot uses to maintain a healthy heart, brain and muscles, and calcium and Vitamin D3, which Small Conures use to produce eggs and build strong bones.


Illness and emergency products support your Small Conure when they’re unwell. Prebiotics and probiotics work in your Small Conure’s gut. Probiotics increase the amount of good bacteria found in the gut and prebiotics increase the effectiveness of probiotics.


When your bird is off their food, perhaps during illness, then provide them with our emergency nutrition supplements, so your Small Conure is receiving all the nutrients they require until they are ready to eat normally again.


Keeping a close eye on your Small Conure’s weight could help you spot any early signs of illness. Small Conures are naturally prey animals and don’t like to show any outward signs of illness, so unexplained increases or decreases in their weight should help you spot potential issues early. Use the scales to weigh your Parrot.


There are two “booster” products available, immune system boosters and energy boosters. Immune system boosters help support your Small Conure’s natural defences and reduce the amount of disease causing microbes in your Parrot’s body.


Energy boosting supplements give birds that are stressed or unwell a much needed energy boost.


Another option is to use one of the many treatments and cures we have available. Respiratory aids like Wheeze-Eeze act as a disinfectant in your bird’s throat by removing the bad micro organisms from it. They also loosen catarrh.


Clean the whole of your bird’s body using our shampoos that leaves your Parrot’s body in excellent condition.


Take excellent care of your Small Conure’s feathers using our supplements for their feathers. They condition feathers, cleanse feathers and generally leave feathers looking and feeling healthy. If your bird has a tendency to pluck or chew their feathers then our feather plucking supplements can help to stop this issue. by deterring your Parrot from touching their feathers and making the new feathers that grow stay.


Worming liquids and anti-parasite treatments remove internal parasites such as ringworm and external parasites like mites, fleas, lice and ticks from Small Conures. They work quickly to remove the problem and stop it occurring in the future. All you need to do is spray or apply the treatment to your Small Conure’s back.


Breeding season is one of the most important times in a Parrot’s life, but you can make sure your Small Conure is prepared and that their chicks are in excellent condition too. Breeding supplements bring your bird into breeding season quicker and provides vitamins and minerals that are important for the chick’s health.


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