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Give your Cockatiel the high quality cage they need to eat, drink, chill out, sleep and play in. Choose from an excellent array of styles, from the biggest brands and manufacturers. All our Cockatiel cages are safe and long lasting.


There are standard features that come with all cages. These are feeders so that your Cockatiel has a continuous supply of fresh water and scrumptious food whilst they’re in their cage, perches so your bird has a spot to be at ease and seed catchers to make it easier for you as an owner to keep the cage clean. All our cages are low maintenance though, so less time cleaning and more time spent with your feathered friend.


Clean the floor underneath your Cockatiel's cage too, by moving the cage to a different part of your home. You can move it quickly because most cages sit on wheels.


As Cockatiels aren't a big size there are cages specifically designed for these smaller members of the bird family. They have the same features as the larger cages (perches, feeders, trays etc.), just on a smaller scale.


Transport your Cockatiel to places such as the vet securely with our travel cages. To make travelling as enjoyable an experience as possible for your Cockatiel, travel cages have features such as perches, feeders and large doors. The wide doors let your bird move in and out the cage quickly.


There are three main style of cages available solid top, open top and play top cages.


Open top and play top cage have sections that open out at the top, but solid top cages don't. Solid top Cockatiel cages have either a flat roof or a rounded roof, which some Cockatiels might like to play on.


Play top Cockatiel cages have a spacious area at the top of the cage where you can add toys for your Parrot to play with. There’s also room for small perches. Like with any toys, supervise your bird as they play.


Some play top areas can be detached, but do check first. The other benefit of play top cages is they act like a two in one, cage and play gym; great if space is at a premium.


Open top Cockatiel cages have roof sections that open out. There is usually space to attach perches and gives your Cockatiel the opportunity to re-enter the main section of the cage for food and water when they need it. Although your Cockatiel may love it so much, they won’t want to leave!


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