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Keep your Cockatiel in tip top condition throughout their life with our wonderful choice of supplements.


Accurately measure out supplements for your Cockatiel using a syringe.


All Cockatiels need the right amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet in order to stay fit and healthy. Some vitamins and minerals are individually packaged, whilst others are part of a multi-vitamin that contains a selection of important vitamins, minerals and elements.


Feather Up contains vitamins that improve feather condition and ensure a stress free moult. Some vitamins come in a powdered format so that you can easily sprinkle them over your bird’s food without your Cockatiel noticing they’re taking them. Similarly, other vitamins dissolve in your Tiel’s drinking water, a handy way of them receiving vital minerals.


Calcium is one of the most important minerals for all Parrots. They need this to grow a strong beak and bones. Calcium is available in liquid or powdered form.


Breeder products help Cockatiel chicks and their parents. They can help bring birds into breeding condition faster or supply youngsters with formula that prevents weight loss and sickness and encourages feather growth.


Check your Cockatiel isn’t losing or putting on too much weight by weighing them on our scales (accurate to within one gram.)


Use treatment and cures to resolve any health issues that your Cockatiel is experiencing. There are also sprays and creams to deter feather plucking and encourage the growth of new feathers, shampoos and other skin products that support your Parrot when they are building new feathers, insecticidal sprays and worming liquids if your bird is prone to getting bugs and parasites, respiratory aids to help your feathered friend breathe better and finally calming remedies to help your Cockatiel feel more at ease.


Although you should always seek the advice of a vet if you suspect your Cockatiel is unwell, we have treatments and cures for common Cockatiel illnesses. Immune system boosters are a potential lifesaver for sick and stressed birds as they give them energy, vitamins, immune support and more. Emergency nutrition is vital when your Cockatiel is sick and doesn’t feel like eating. It gives your Parrot the usual nutrients they receive in their food until they regain their appetite again.


Prebiotics and probiotics are used in your Cockatiel’s digestive system. Prebiotics encourage the good bacteria to grow whilst probiotics ensure that their numbers are maintained. If your Cockatiel is lacking in energy give their levels a boost with our energy supplements.


Stock up on all your Cockatiel Supplements right here. However please remember to visit an avian vet immediately if you suspect your Cockatiel is unwell.