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There’s no chance of your Budgie developing birdie boredom, as all our toys for Budgerigars keep your bird mentally and physically stimulated. All Budgies need to be supervised when playing with toys, but it’s more fun for your feathered friend when you play together.


One way you can bond over a toy is by using our toy-making parts. Let your bird pick out their favourite materials from parts including sisal rope, wood disks, colourful plastic beads, wiffle balls, lolly sticks and vine balls. Then you can get creative and build a brand new toy for your Budgie.


The most mind stimulating of all the toys are the foraging toys. Without a chewable or reusable foraging toy, or something similar to get your Budgerigar’s inquisitive mind thinking, your bird easily becomes bored, and boredom can lead to unwanted behaviours. Foraging toys encourage your bird to work for their food, just as they would do in the wild. It is straight forward enough to refill reusable foraging toys with your Budgie’s favourite food or treat. Once they’ve solved the puzzle they get their reward. Foraging toys are available in different levels of difficulty, we suggest starting off easy and moving towards more complex puzzles.


Foot toys, just like your Budgie, are small yet packed full of fun. Designed to be held by your bird’s foot, they make a great addition to your bird’s exercise routine; exercising the muscles as your bird holds and manipulates the toy.


Chewable toys all work to keep your Budgie’s beak healthy and trim and their jaw in good condition too. There are so many wonderful materials for your bird to enjoy, such as coconut and cactus, willow and palm and wood and rope. They’ll help stop your Budgerigar chewing on things they shouldn’t!


If you can’t choose which Budgie Toy your bird would appreciate most, then check out our toy packs, they contain up to a dozen bird friendly toys for your bird to try at one amazing price.. 


Our swings and activity toys teach your Budgie (with your help) how to say simple words and phrases and how to play sports. Swing and climbing toys have been designed with only one purpose in mind, for your Budgie to have lots of fun. They can walk on the ladders, eating the treats on the rungs as they pass by and keep their feet in superb condition, bounce on the perches, swing on the rings and fly on the trapeze.


Bells and musical toys are ideal if your bird likes making lots of noise, which is probably most Budgerigars. Show your Budgie how to make the toys rattle and the bells ring, so they get as much enjoyment from the toys as possible.


Once you’ve bought your new Budgie Toy, fix it to your bird’s cage with the strong chains and links that most of the toys have.


Give your Budgie oodles of fun with our spectacular range of toys, created especially for your Budgerigar.