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Our Budgie Cages come in many different styles and sizes, so you can be sure of choosing a cage that’s perfect for you and your Budgerigar. Choose a cage that compliments you, your Budgie and your home. 


When choosing a cage please buy the biggest cage you can afford and fit into your home. Although your Budgie is likely to spend lots of time outside of their cage, they need lots of space to play and exercise when they have to be in their cage.


The two main styles of cage we have for Budgies are open top and solid top.


Common features include large doors for easy access when cleaning and to make it easier to get your Budgie in and out of the cage and perches and feeders so your bird has a place to rest and eat whilst they’re inside their cage. Some cages have seed catchers, fit onto stands and come with swing out feeders, removable grills and trays.


Open top cages, as their name suggests, do open out, but upwards, ideal if space is at a premium in your home. Attach a perch across the open cage sections for your Budgie to enjoy looking out at the world from up high. Plus, they’ll still have easy access to their food and water whenever they like.


Solid top cages are either dome top (rounded) or flat and if you choose the dome top, your Budgie may like hanging out at the top of their cage. They are more secure as they don’t have opening sections.


Travel cages help you transport your Budgie safely when you need to be on the go with your bird.


When your Budgie is out of their cage, having a dedicated safe place for them to land and perch is essential. There are a number of bird and Parrot stands you can use around your home.


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