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Stop your Small Macaw becoming bored and showing signs of destructive behaviour by rotating any one of these stimulating toys with another to occupy your Parrot for a long period of time. Supervise your Small Macaw when they are playing with their toys.


As Small Macaws like Noble and Hahns Macaws are some of the most intelligent Parrot species, they need toys to challenge their intellect. Foraging toys are arguably the best way of doing this. Hide yummy foods inside the reusable or chewable foraging toys and have your bird retrieve them.


This sort of behaviour is something they’d do in the wild. If they don’t have toys to occupy their time Small or Mini Macaws become bored, this in turn can lead to unwanted behaviours like feather plucking and screeching.


Reusable foraging toys, commonly made from acrylic or metal, have refill packs so once your Parrot has found the treats, you can quickly restock them so their fun can continue.


Chewable foraging toys work slightly differently. Your Parrot has to chew their way through the toy to reach their reward inside.


If you and your feathered friend like to get creative in your time spent together, build a new toy with one of our toy-making parts or use them to refurbish one of your Small Macaw’s current toys.


Our toy packs have on average six toys and toy parts for your Small Macaw to play with. Each has their own individual theme and we alter the contents regularly so your bird never knows what to expect.


Small Macaws can become very proficient talkers but they need someone to teach them simple words and phrases first. Use one of our speech training devices and your Parrot will be mimicking you in no time.


There are plenty of other skills you can teach your Parrot to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Play teacher to your Small or Mini Macaw so they can quickly learn how to count, stack, identify colours and more.


To give your Small Macaw plenty more exercise, use our swings and activity toys. There are bouncing perches, swings, ladders, nets and trapezes for your bird to explore and gives them plenty of exercise.


Lightweight and small foot toys support your Small Macaw with their exercise regime as well as the obvious chewing opportunities. Your Small Macaw has to carry the toy around in their feet or beak to give them lots of exercise through play.


Chewable toys are made up of lots of materials to really get your Small Macaw’s tastebuds salivating. There are delicious coconut and cactus, willow and palm and wood and rope toys.


Acrylic and metal toys aren’t as chewable but no doubt your Parrot will have fun trying.


Provide your Parrot with one of our shreddable toys because the sound cardboard and paper toys make as they're pulled and ripped apart is very appealing to your Small or Mini Macaw.


Like most Parrots, your Small Macaw will probably enjoy making lots of noise. So give them the chance to indulge in one of their favourite activities with a bell or musical toy. Show your Parrot how the toys start playing first and then let your bird turn musician. There are lots of different sized bells and toys with parts that rattle, to make noisemaking even more entertaining for your bird.


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