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Canaries and Finches may be small, but they still need lots of space to fly around, so buy the biggest cage you can afford. All the Canary and Finch Cages are spacious but still have plenty of room for the standard features that come as part of every cage we sell.


These are seed catchers to collect any excess food your bird drops whilst eating or playing, swing out feeders, because that extra food has to come from somewhere, wide doors that make entering and exiting the cage straightforward, perches as every bird needs somewhere to stand whilst in their cage, and the cages are on wheels so you can move the cage quickly during cleaning or maintenance.


The two main styles of Canary and Finch Cages are open top and solid top.


Just as their name suggests, open top cages have a section that opens out at the top of the cage. It’s a space saving device too, because it won’t take up too much space in your home. Open top cages allow you to fit perches to them, and as they are quite high, are great places for your bird to observe their environment.


They’ll be loving the view so much they won’t want to leave, although there is always the option to because the open area gives your Canary or Finch constant access to the rest of their cage.


Solid top cages don’t have extra spaces on the exterior of the cage for your Canary or Finch to play and the only entrance/exit is the main doors. The roofs of these cages are either rounded (otherwise known as dome top) or flat.I


There are cages that have been built specially for your Canary or Finch, as they are smaller than other species of bird so need a smaller cage accordingly. These are either solid top or open cages for Canaries and Finches and have all the components a full size cage has.


They have perches so your bird has a place to rest, feeders for a continuous supply of water and food, trays to catch excess food and big doors that open out so you and your bird can get into the cage whenever you want.


Give your Canary or Finch the home they’ve always wanted right here.