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Lafeber NutriBerries parrot food brings a revolution in the avian diet, thanks to the innovative work of Dr. T.J. Lafeber. Celebrated by bird lovers and experts alike, these little berry-shaped treats are a complete nutritional experience for your Parrot. 


Each NutriBerry is bursting with over 40 essential nutrients, including the all-important Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and vitamins C and D3, ensuring your Parrot gets the balanced diet it deserves. With five delicious flavours to choose from, NutriBerries are designed to delight every Parrot's palate, making them an ideal choice for both a main meal and a special reward during training or playtime. 


And for the chewers out there, we've got AviCakes, another fantastic option to keep those beaks busy and satisfied. So, why not give Lafeber NutriBerries parrot food a try? It’s the perfect way to keep your Parrot nourished, engaged, and eager for more.