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Lafeber NutriBerries are almost 100% edible and give your Parrot everything they need to stay fit and healthy.


Parrots can enjoy all the five magnificent flavours and goodness that Lafeber have to offer. Every berry boasts 40 critical nutrients that are recommended by vets, behaviourists, nutritionists and the founder of Lafeber, Dr T.J Lafeber.


These include Omega-3 to help your Parrot maintain a healthy heart and brain, cranberries and apricots for Vitamin C that boost your Parrot’s immune system and Vitamin D3 to help your Parrot synthesise calcium. Plus every NutriBerry contains hulled seeds and fresh ingredients.


You can hide the berries in your Parrot’s foraging toys to make them work a little bit harder for their next meal or use them as a positive reinforcement during behaviour training.


Their small size make berries easy for your Parrot to pick up and eat. Foraging is a natural, mind stimulating activity for your Parrot that keeps their mind and body mentally and physically active.


The AviCakes are an alternative to the berries and are cooked in a square shape for your Parrot to chew and tear them apart.


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