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  • 10kg african parrot blend

    Prestige Loro Parque African Parrot Blend 10kg

    • A delicious mix of ingredients
    • An enriched seed mixture
    • Full of vitamins and minerals
    • Suitable for African Grey, Meyers and Senegals

We have food for your African Grey Parrot from the biggest brands and manufacturers, with many being specially formulated for your African Grey Parrot to ensure they are getting the right nutrition.


If you are hand-feeding baby African Grey Parrots, then take a look at these hand feeding formulas. Hand feeding formulas are easy to use, and provide chicks with all the nutrition they require in a daily diet to grow up strong and healthy. You'll find that most chicks accept them very readily. There is food for your African Grey parents too, our range of breeder diets provide the correct levels of fat and protein to help Parrot parents stay healthy whilst they are caring for their chicks. Eggfood is another popular choice and is used by many African Grey owners. It reduces the risk of young African Greys succumbing to disease and gives them vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Complete foods are an ultra convenient way to feed your African Grey ensuring they receive all of the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy in one meal. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and delicious flavours.


Parrot seed remains an essential part of your African Grey's varied diet and should be offered alongside a complete or pellet diet, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. There’s a great choice of quality, clean seed mixes for your African Grey Parrots bursting with variety and taste. For a highly nutritious snack you should definitely offer soaking seeds.


We have a huge selection of Parrot treats for your African Grey, including treat sticks, nuts (shelled and unshelled), the ever popular Palm Nuts and Sugar Cane, dried fruit and so much more!


To help provide your African Grey with the mental stimulation they require to keep their body and mind active and entertained, rather than just filling up their feeding dish, place foods or treats inside foraging toys for your African Grey to find. In the wild your bird would spend a large portion of their day locating their food and working out how to access the seeds, nuts and juicy flesh of fruits. You can also use favourite foods and or treat as a positive reinforcement, as a reward during training or just to show your Grey how much you care.


You can store any of these foods and treats in a small, medium or large storage box that has a secure lid to stop pests, moisture and sunlight from getting in.


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