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All of our Small or Mini Macaw Food can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, well balanced diet and are perfect to offer in your Parrot’s feeding dish.


Keep it out of your Parrot’s way in a tightly sealed storage box, available in a small, medium or large size.


Some foods can be dished up immediately whilst others need a little preparation on your part to make them just right for your Small Macaw. There is food for your Parrot to eat at every stage of their life, from chick to adulthood.


Complete food for Small or Mini Macaws like Noble or Hahns Macaws comes in so many appealing shapes, textures and flavours. And as it’s complete food, very little waste is created so your Parrot gets the full benefit of complete food in every beakfull. It’s vital your feathered friend eats all the formulated pellets and nuggets to keep excellent overall wellbeing.


There’s even Organic complete food that’s especially healthy for your Parrot.


Seed mixes come in so many appealing formulas for your Small or Mini Macaw to sample too. There’s vitamin enriched, veterinary recommended, pellet supported or seed mixes with varying levels of sunflower seed, depending on which suits your Parrot best. Plenty of seed mixes for Small or Mini Macaws are of human grade quality, so your bird has the tastiest, cleanest seed mixes possible.


Your Small or Mini Macaw is going to be spoilt for choice with Parrot treats too. There are fruity treats, nutty treats, spicy treats and plenty in between, all in fun to eat shapes and tastes. Some treats can be hung up in your Small Macaw’s cage, whilst others should be left loose so your Parrot can play with them.


Use treats as a reward for your Parrot, perhaps during training or in a foraging toy. Parrots forage for their food in the wild; it helps to keep their minds active and their bodies exercised.


Breeding and handfeed food is useful for Parrot parents and their chicks. No handfeed food is ever as good as the natural food Small Macaw parents provide but it is a suitable alternative. The handfeed and breeding food is formulated by leading vets and avian vets to make sure it’s the best it can be.


Every product makes sure every member of the Small Macaw family stays fit and strong because it’s bursting with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


As mentioned earlier there are lots of feeding dishes to offer any of this scrumptious food in. Easy to clean and easy to fill, our plastic and stainless steel Parrot food bowls hold all your Small or Mini Macaw’s favourite foods.


There’s also a syringe for feeding baby birds or administering liquid supplements.


Choose from a yummy selection of Small Macaw Food right here.