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Spoil your feathered friend with safe, enriching Cockatiel Toys. Most toys are brightly coloured to attract your Cockatiel’s attention and are completely safe for your Parrot to play with, although you should always supervise your feathered friend as they play. It’s more fun if two of you take part in the activities anyway.


The majority of toys come with a hanger or link that you can use to attach the toy to your bird’s cage or play stand.


Foraging comes naturally to your Parrot, so choose one of our chewable foraging or reusable foraging toys so your Cockatiel can follow their foraging instinct. Some toys are prefilled with goodies, other you can fill with your bird’s favourite tasty food and treats.


Most Parrots, including your Cockatiel, love chewing. Make sure they have plenty of chewable toys to explore. Chewable toys are made with materials your bird can really get their beak into, such as wood, ropes, cardboard and paper. A chewable foraging toy helps to keep your Cockatiel’s beak healthy and trim.


For toys that have a more natural feel to them, choose one of our willow and palm or coconut and cactus Parrot toys. Your Cockatiel can chew on these pleasant materials and explore the textures they bring.


Foot toys are easy for your Cockatiel to pick up and carry round, thanks to their small size and light weight. Your Parrot exercises their feet as they move the toy around and keep their jaw active chewing on the different materials.


Choose a shreddable toy for your Parrot to play with. These keep beaks busy whilst the toys are shredded into smaller pieces.


In our toy packs your Cockatiel will discover our pick of toys we think they’ll like the most, however we rotate the exact contents of the pack regularly to keep your Parrot stimulated.


Build the bond between you and your Cockatiel by working together to construct your own toy with our toy-making parts. There are colourful slats, beads, balls, chain, links and ropes to add to toys your Cockatiel already has or use the parts to build a toy from scratch. Either way there’s oodles of enrichment on offer for your Parrot.


If your Cockatiel likes making lots of noise, and let’s face it, what Parrot doesn’t, then they’ll love our bells and musical toys. They can ring the larger stainless steel bells or have one of the smaller bells attached to other toys chime loudly as they play.


Teach your Parrot how to talk, play basketball and how to count and recognise colours with one of our swings and activity toys. These create plenty of mental stimulation for your Cockatiel as they start to master a brand new skill.


Some Cockatiels may prefer to play with swing and climbing toys. These larger toys easily take your Parrot's weight as they climb up and down and swing round and round on these movable toys.


Don’t forget your Cockatiel might like any toy that has a cotton rope as one of its features for preening, every Parrot’s favourite activity.


Take a look at all the fantastic toys for your Cockatiel right here.