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We have supplements for your Lovebird from the biggest names in the avian industry. All supplements are easy to use and highly effective.


Breeder products support Lovebird parents and their chicks. Pro-Boost brings birds into breeding condition faster.


Illness and emergency products help your Parrot when they are under the weather. One of the first signs of illness could be increases or decreases in their weight. Use our scales (accurate to within 1 gram) to weigh them regularly.


Probiotics and prebiotics work in parallel with one another. Prebiotics increase the effectiveness of probiotics and encourage their growth, whilst probiotics help your Lovebird to maintain a healthy gut.


Emergency nutrition is useful to use to encourage your bird to follow a more balanced diet once again. Similarly, the Fussy Feeders supplement is designed for birds with a poor diet.


Plus, there are immune system and energy boosters, to give these areas of your bird’s body a helping wing.


Your Lovebird needs the right amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet. Vitamins come in a powdered or liquid form and are easy to administer.


Every Parrot, such as Lovebirds, requires additional calcium in their diet. Calcium is used by birds in two main ways; producing eggs and building and maintaining strong bones.


Cuttlefish bone contains high amounts of calcium and as it has a hard surface, it’ll trim your Lovebird’s beak when they gnaw on it too. Never run out of the important cuttlefish bone by buying one of the multipacks. It clips onto your Parrot’s cage so they have easy access to it.


The Feather-Up supplement improves feather growth and ensures a stress free moult.


If your Lovebird enjoys time outside in an aviary or flight, then be sure to treat them regularly for mites and lice. There are anti-parasite treatments designed especially for smaller birds like Lovebirds. Squeeze the contents of the lotion onto your bird’s skin and get rid of roundworm, fleas, lice, mice and ticks. It’s been approved by vets so you have the peace of mind it’s effective and won’t harm your Parrot.


If your Lovebird is prone to feather plucking or skin complaints our skin treatment will definitely help. They clean your bird, relieve dry, itchy skin and prevent feather plucking and moulting. Some may even eliminate lice and mites. They have a sweet aroma, making them pleasant to use on your Parrot.


Finally, respiratory aids such as Wheeze-Eeze help your Lovebird to breathe better and loosen catarrh.


Buy all these Lovebird Supplements to maintain your Parrot’s good health here.