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  • bird mister 240ml

    Bird Mister - Trigger Spray 240ml

    • Small hand operated Bird Mister with trigger spray handle
    • Super fine mist your bird won`t be able to resist
    • Just add water
    • All Parrots love bathing in it
  • vet bandage

    Flexible Vet Wrap Bandage 4" Wide - Assorted Colours

    • Wrap around perches to make them comfortable
    • Soft on Parrot feet
    • Helps birds get a grip
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • budgie with training clicker

    Training Clicker for Parrots

    • The fun and active way to train your bird
    • Simple yet effective, reinforce the good behaviour
    • The clicker provides a consistent unique noise to aid learned behaviour
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • clicker with target stick

    Clicker with adjustable Target Stick for Parrot Training

    • Use to reinforce your bird's good behaviour
    • Click the clicker, then reward with a treat
    • Easy to use and implement
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • cage liner roll for parrot cages

    Parrot Cage Liner Paper Roll - 54.6cm x 7.5m

    • Safe and clean with no chemicals or bleaches
    • All natural antimicrobial coating
    • Safe for you, and your environment
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • adjustable clicker for Parrots

    Adjustable Clicker Parrot Training Device

    • Use clicker training to modify your bird's behaviour
    • Can adjust the volume
    • Works on other pets too
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • bird mister pump action spray

    Bird Mister - Pump Action Spray - 1ltr

    • Simply fill the bottle with water, then spray
    • Keeps feathers shiny and in good condition
    • Has a sliding button to control the spray
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • african grey mug

    Northern Parrots African Grey Mug

    • A mug boasting an African Grey design
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Microwave safe
    • Strong and lightweight
    • The perfect present for someone you love
  • mango banana wax melts

    Parrot Safe Wax Melts - Mango Banana

    • The world's first avian safe wax melts
    • Mango banana scented
    • Made with an avian vet
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • white sage and lavender wax melts

    Parrot Safe Wax Melts - White Sage & Lavender

    • White sage and lavender scented wax melts
    • Bird safe, and safe for other pets too
    • Only non-toxic ingredients used
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • Parrot Safe Wax Melts - Black Sea

    Parrot Safe Wax Melts - Black Sea

    • Black sea scented wax melt that is Parrot safe
    • Made with non-toxic ingredients
    • Developed with avian vet Dr Clubb
    • Fill your home with warm and pleasant scents
  • vanilla cream wax melts

    Parrot Safe Wax Melts - Vanilla Cream

    • Wax melts safe to use around Parrots
    • Made with non toxic ingredients
    • Made with natural essential oils
    • Suitable for all Parrots