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Choose Kaytee Exact Food to be sure your Parrot is receiving all the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients they require every mealtime. These include iron to help your Parrot carry oxygen around their body, protein that increases your bird’s muscle fibres and fibre that help your feathered friend digest food easier. Many products contain Omega-3 too, an important fatty acid that keeps your Parrot’s brain, eyes and heart healthy.


All of Kaytee Exact’s Food, for example Kaytee Exact Rainbow and Kaytee Rainbow Exact Chunky, is 100% edible for your Parrot and enjoyed by most species. It is baked to create bright colours in exciting shapes to catch your Parrot’s eye.


If you are hand-rearing your baby bird or Parrot, choose the Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Formula, available in Macaw or Parrot format. With low bacteria levels, it helps your baby bird to develop brighter plumage, grow faster and wean earlier, so it really is a healthy choice for your young Parrot.


Place Kaytee Exact treats inside foraging toys for your Parrot to find. Foraging is a natural activity for your Parrot and they love doing it as much as possible.


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