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The Birdcare Company’s food has been designed to give your Parrot all the nutrients they need in one meal, by containing amino acids, protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals your Parrot needs to stay healthy


.Vitamins help your bird fight off any diseases, proteins keep your Parrot’s bones healthy and strong and fatty acids are used by your feathered friend in their brain and nervous systems.


There is complete food that has everything your Parrot needs from their diet in one meal. Served as seeds, nuts, fruits and more, it is incredibly tasty but more importantly very healthy for your Parrot. It can be eaten all year round by most species of Parrots, and is bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins and amino acids that your bird must eat every day.


Young birds need nutrients and vitamins to begin their lives healthy and strong. The Birdcare Company’s eggfood helps boost chicks immune system and decrease the risk of them developing diseases.


Parrot parents need to be in tip-top condition too, to raise their babies, and again The Birdcare Company have created food specifically for breeding birds that keeps them strong and able to raise successful chicks. The probiotics in these foods also improve their immune systems and help friendly bacteria in your Parrot's digestive system.


Your Parrot enjoys a balanced, healthy diet with food from The Birdcare Company.