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Make sure your Large Macaw’s diet is full of these nutritious foods.


Very little waste is created with complete food, unlike seed mixes. The other benefit of complete food for Large Macaws such as Blue and Golds and Military Macaws is it gives your Parrot all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they require in a well balanced diet. Complete food is lots of different and exciting colours, shapes and flavours.


There’s a lot of choice of seed and seed mixes too, such as seed mixed with fruit, vegetables, high or low sunflower content, pellet supported seed and veterinary recommended seed.


Large Macaw treats are sure to go down, well, a treat! They come loose or hanging, so you can decide whether to hide them in foraging toys or attach them to your Parrot’s cage. Of course, you may well need a reason for your Large Macaw to receive a treat, such as a reward for good behaviour or a positive reinforcement.


Treats are lots of interesting shapes, colours and flavours. Treats could be nuts, fruit flavoured snacks, millets and a lot more. Some are ready for your Large Macaw to tuck into straight away, whilst others need some baking, soaking or cooking first.


Breeding and handfeeding food takes care of your Parrot parents and their chicks. It ensures they stay in peak physical condition and fit and healthy during this vulnerable time in their lives. No handfeed can ever be as good as what nature provides but it is a suitable alternative.


So how are you going to present all this food to your Large Macaw? Is it going to be in a foraging toy or perhaps in a feeding dish? We have plenty of styles to choose from, along with syringes for handfeeding baby Macaws or administering liquid supplements to them.


Once you’ve bought all this yummy food for your Large Macaw, perhaps the popular Green-wing, store it in one of our small, medium or large storage boxes. They keep the flavour and aroma of the foods in the boxes and pests and sunlight out the food.


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