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Hagen has a variety of foods to make your bird's mealtimes enjoyable and healthy. Feed a combination of their various seed based diets, with their complete Tropican granules or pellets for a healthy varied diet.


Hagen have a mix of seed blends that combine a multitude of ingredients like fruit, vegetables and seed to guarantee your Parrot gets maximum nutritional benefit from them, and enjoys a balanced diet.


Each recipe has been scientifically formulated to be the best they can be. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many more vital nutrients your Parrot needs to stay fit and healthy.


The granules supplement your Parrot’s diet really well. Food has been created for the different species of Parrot, meaning it really is the most appropriate diet for your bird, all in tantalising flavours they adore.


Every Hagen Food product is of the highest quality, so choose from the wonderful selection of Hagen Food right here.