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All of our Canary or Finch Food makes a delicious addition to your bird’s feeding dish. There is tasty food from all the top brands and manufacturers to make sure your Canary or Finch is receiving the finest ingredients and the highest level of nutrition.


Keep all the food together in one of the storage boxes, available in a small, medium or large size, that have a secure lid that ensures food stays fresh and prevents unwanted light, water and pests getting to it.


Providing your Canary or Finch with complete food means they won’t need to eat anything else to get the nutrition they need in their diet. The majority of it is a nugget or pellet and is a multitude of beak-wateringly good flavours, colours and shapes that are sure to attract your bird’s attention. It’s so good; very little waste is created when your bird eats it.


Seed used to be a staple of Parrot diets but was bland and unappealing to your Canary or Finch. That isn’t the case anymore and seed mixes these days have fruit, vegetables and other goodies mixed in with the nuts and seed. They’re also enriched with vitamins and minerals so your Canary or Finch won’t be turning their beaks up at seed any more.


Show your Canary or Finch how much you love them with a yummy treat. Treats come in a variety of formats for your bird to try, like millet sprays, biscuits, blocks of fruit and vegetables.


Preparing sprouting seeds for your bird is easy. All you need to do is soak for a couple of days, rinse them occasionally during that time and then serve them up in your Canary or Finch’s daily diet.


Breeding and handfeed food is either for your Parrot parent or their chick. Your Canary and Finch need to be as healthy as possible when caring for their babies and the food has been formulated to ensure it’s as beneficial as possible. Of course no handfeed is as good at what Parrots can give them, but it is a suitable alternative if you’re rearing chicks yourself.


Canaries and Finches, like all Parrots, are natural foragers. It’s an activity they do a lot of in the wild because it helps to keep their brains active. Placing food or treats in a foraging toy is therefore an excellent way of encouraging your Canary or Finch to engage in this natural behaviour.


Don’t forget that we have lots of feeding dishes and Jelly Cup Holders for all these foods to go in when your bird doesn’t feel like foraging. 


Choose from our amazing selection of Canary and Finch Food right here.