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Your Meyer’s or Senegal’s diet should be this delicious food from the biggest brands and manufacturers in the avian industry. There is food that can be enjoyed throughout your Parrot’s life and others designed especially for breeding season and for feeding baby birds.


There are lots of options for serving up your Meyer’s and Senegal Parrot’s food in. There is stainless steel or plastic feeding dishes that fasten easily onto cages or play stands.


It couldn’t be easier to handfeed baby birds with a syringe.


Keep the food protected from moisture, sunlight and unwanted creatures getting to it by storing it in a small, medium or large storage box.


You can be sure your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot is receiving all the nutrients they need in a healthy and well balanced diet by giving them complete food. This should be the base of your bird’s diet, and then combined with other foods such as seed, fruit, vegetables and treats, to give a well-rounded diet.


Treats are a perfect supplement to your Meyer’s and Senegal’s diet. Place loose treats in a foraging toy and encourage your Parrot to work to get them out or hang them from their cage or play stand. You could also handfeed the treats to your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot to show your feathered friend how much you appreciate them.


In their natural environment Meyer’s and Senegal Parrots would spent long portions of their day searching for food, and when kept as companion animals they need to do the same in order to stay mentally stimulated and prevent birdie boredom.


Some treats are good for your Parrot’s health, in small quantities of course. Treats are brightly coloured to attract your bird’s attention and although many are ready to eat straight away, some require soaking, baking or cooking before your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot can get stuck into them.


Handfeed food is never as effective as what Parrot parents can provide, but it is a suitable alternative. It ensures they get the best start in life by providing your young Meyer’s or Senegal with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals to grow into a strong adult.


Pick the special breeding food for breeding pairs of Meyer’s and Senegals, so you have the peace of mind they’re taking excellent care of their offspring and are still fit and well enough to take care of themselves.


Seed and seed mixes are no longer a plain choice for your Parrot, as they are now so varied and exciting. Brightly coloured, in unusual shapes and tasty flavours, your Meyer’s or Senegal can look forward to eating seed once again. It has either a high or low sunflower content, is sometimes supported with pellets and is usually enriched with important vitamins.


A select few seed mixes have been recommended by veterinary surgeons to guarantee they’re of the highest quality.


For particularly healthy food for your Meyer’s or Senegal try Organic food. It has no artificial preservatives, pesticides or fertilisers in it.


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