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Choosing complete food for your Parrot means you have the reassurance that they are getting all the nutrients required for a well balanced diet.


The complete food has been formulated for specific species of Parrot, to ensure it is the right balance of vitamins and minerals for them.


All the ingredients are Organic and haven’t been heated, thus keeping their nutritional value. There are no chemical colourings or preservatives in the products either. Instead they contain plenty of proteins, vitamins, fruit, vegetables minerals and over 20 other ingredients that your Parrot needs for a healthy lifestyle.


The Parrot food comes in a pellet format, making it easy for your bird to eat. There is very little waste created, unlike other Parrot diets.


There is also Beaphar Bogena Food for wild birds and softbill species. Again, they provide the wild bird with all the food they need in a complete diet and important vitamins and minerals. The granules feature berries, seeds, insects and freshwater shrimps and have been formulated to be especially palatable.


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