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Join In With Our Quaker Parrot Day Celebrations

Join In With Our Quaker Parrot Day Celebrations

Posted by Quaker Parrots, Quaker Parrot Day, Parrot Days on 9/1/2024

Learn more about Quaker Parrot Day.

Another month, another of our wonderful Parrot species to celebrate. This month we’re celebrating the incredible Quaker.

Our #QuakerParrotDay is taking place on August 17th, and we’d love it if as many Quaker owners and their Parrots got involved using the #QuakerParrotDay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our Facebook friends, Feathered Friends, will be joining in the celebrations too.

Post your pictures of you and your Quaker Parrot enjoying the day.

Quaker Day Offers

Like with all our previous bird days we’ll have special offers on a selection of Quaker products so you can treat your feathered friend on this very special day.

Facts About Quakers

Quaker Parrots, sometimes called Monk Parakeets or Quaker Parakeets, are common in their wild habitat of the Bolivian highlands, central Argentina and south Brazil.

Quakers make excellent pets and even better mimics. They are very intelligent and instead of nesting in tree cavities, are one of the few Parrot species to make their own nests.

Quakers require a varied diet with a mix of seed, fresh fruit, berries and vegetables. We stock lots of healthy and wholesome Quaker food, like seed, complete food and treats, feeding dishes to put all the yummy food in and other practical accessories.

Learn more of these fascinating facts about Quakers by reading the factsheet Rosemary Low has produced here.

Quaker Products

But don’t just wait until our Quaker Day celebrations to treat your feathered friend. All year round we have hundreds of products for your Quaker Parakeet.

Quaker Parrot

We have cages for Quakers, available in a play top, open top or solid top style that have a lot of the space and features your Quaker needs. Plus there are travel cages for when you and your Quaker are travelling together.

Keeping your Quaker entertained all year round is easy with our toys for Quakers. Their mind and body stay active with our foraging toys, bells and musical toys, activity and trick toys and more.

Stop your Quaker from getting ill and treat any illnesses they do develop quickly with our supplements for Quakers.

And as we mentioned earlier, we have a huge array of food and accessories for your Monk Parakeet.

Happy #QuakerParrotDay everyone!

Quaker Parrot