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Bourke`s Parakeet Fact Sheet

Here is a Bourke’s Parakeet fact sheet for you.

Adult length: 

18-20cm from beak to tail feathers.

Adult weight:


Bourke's Parakeet
Scientific Name: 

Neopsephotus Bourkii. Originally classified as part of the Neophema genus but was assigned its own genus in the 1990’s. Named after Sir Richard Bourke, the governor of New South Wales between 1831 and 1837.


Males usually have blue brown crowns whereas females have white crowns.

 Young Birds

Have a full grey head. Usually 3 to 6 are born at a time and they fledge when they are 4 weeks old.

Suitability as a pet 

Excellent, when raised from a chick. They are fairly quiet compared with other Parrots and also extremely intelligent, although they don’t talk or perform tricks. Bourke’s are gentle and non-aggressive and can live in a variety of conditions.
They are usually noisier at sunrise and sunset.
Bourke’s Parakeets like long horizontal flights so need at least two hours of exercise a day.

 Potential lifespan 

Up to 25 years, but usually between 10-15 in captivity.

Bourke's Parakeet


Fairly common as pets although often not found in pet shops, you will need to find an experienced breeder.


Mainland Australia. They mostly reside in dry plains, but are also found in cypress and eucalyptus forests. A few flocks have been spotted in urban areas too.

Status in wild 

Very common, some reports suggest their populations are growing in the wild.

As aviary birds  

Will need a roomy cage with plenty of space to fly and lots of branches and swings. They are happiest when paired with another bird.

They love to bathe in cool water. Toys they can chew on are preferred.


Work best on a pelleted and seed based diet, supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Millet is a great treat. Find millet here

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Photos courtesy of Lafeber

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