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10 Reasons Youre Awesome If You Buy Your Parrots Christmas Presents in November

10 Reasons Youre Awesome If You Buy Your Parrots Christmas Presents in November

Posted by christmas presents for Parrots, gifts for Parrots, chirstmas presents for pets on 9/1/2024

  • Our last order dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery aren’t until the third week of December, but you can purchase all your Parrot’s goodies in good time, and wrap them, well before December 25th.
  • Your Parrot has much more time to savour all the tasty new treats, like plum puddings and banana cookies or have fun finding them in their feeding dish or foraging toys.
  • There’s no last-minute panic wondering what toy buy, so much more time spent playing with your feathered friend over the holiday season.
  • You’ll have access to the full range of Christmas gifts. Spend time choosing the perfect one for your Parrot.

  • You can spend the money you would have spent in December on yourself instead, have a look at our choice of gift ideas of calendars, mugs, books and DVD’s.
  • You can take advantage of all our special offers, deals and discounts.
  • There’s no need to go browsing the shops, we have it all available to browse and buy online, delivered to your door fast.
  • With our 90-day free returns policy, you can send any item back to us free of charge and we’ll give you a full refund or replacement, no problem.
  • You’ve still got plenty of time to build your Parrot’s new toy too, with our toy-making parts.

For the full selection of Christmas toys, treats and other goodies, please click here.

Let us know what you’re buying for your Parrot this Christmas in the comments below.